pets, do they feel?

ginger feels - pets, they respond to their names. they play with you.what else can they do?
February 24, 2007 9:16am CST
they say pets can sense their owner's emotions, does anyone believe that? we have a japanese spitz. we named him ginger. he is a fun-loving, sweet little dog. he loves to play with all of us in the house, especially with my dad. but when my dad died, ginger acted a bit strange for quite a while. other people said he was also mourning. i don't know, but it sort of felt that way, he was also depressed. so i've been thinking, can pets really feel too?
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• Philippines
26 Oct 07
Yes, I agree. I have a cousin which knows someone who has a Shih Tzu. I really love dogs as much as my brother, sometimes, I love them more than anything and other pets. I touched Sushi(the Shih Tzu) and he/she looked at me and cried, he/she wanted to go near me. She or he really felt what "I'm" feeling about dogs.