How to make a GOOD dry martini

February 24, 2007 9:46am CST
I don´t why but recently have started drinking dry martinis. Anyone have an infallible recipe for the best dry martinis. Thanxs
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@justreal (2367)
• Canada
24 Feb 07
The perfect martini requires planning and patience. Put 3.5 oz. of Beefeater Gin in Freezer along with the glass but seperately.Get them as cold as possible.About ten minutes before drinking this masterpiece Put 2 LARGE olives in the glass in freezer along with 1/4 oz. of Dry vermouth. While you are waiting cut a tiny slice of lemon. Now you are ready. This is the most important part so pay attention DO NOT SHAKE. Stir the gin, olives and vermouth VERY Gently and rub rim with lemon. Feel free to eat one olive after the first sip(Dont put your Friggin fingers in your masterpiece to retrieve your olive!!!) Eat the second with Your last swallow.
• Spain
24 Feb 07
I get the impression you have practised this ritual a few times!. Many thanxs for the recipe. I´ll give it go later on today. Not too sure about Beefeater. Much prefer Tanqueray.