Where do you forum from?

@hezoid (2148)
February 24, 2007 11:09am CST
I want to know where you are forumming from, ie what country, town/city, what room of your house, or myabe you're forumming from someone elses house or at a cyber cafe or work/school etc, if you are forumming laid in bed, from laptop or a desktop etc. Tell me all about where you forum from so i can get a picture in my mind of all my fellow MyLotters on their pc's! For those interested, i'm in the UK, in a town on the north east coast called Grimsby. I forum from the spare/middle bedroom in my house, and i have a desktop pc that sits on my desk. That's where i'm forumming from right now!
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@Tazzza (83)
24 Feb 07
Right I am in Chelmsford in Essex. I am in my recently converted from a bedroom to a study study which is coloured with lilac almot purple walls and shelves with black and silver accessories. This is purpose built as the room is a very odd shapes and I took the door off to create space 9and also so the dogs can get in and out) My monitor printer and all little attachments are on my desk top and the PC box and wires are all under and bixed in from the front.
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