Who are your favorite Xena characters?

United States
February 24, 2007 11:10am CST
Other than Xena and Gabby, I really like Eli and Ares. Who were your favorites? (So sad about Kevin Smith dying, too! :( )
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• United States
15 Apr 07
Xena, Gabby, Aphrodite, Callisto, and Alti. The actresses that play those ladies are really very talented! And it was very sad about Kevin. From what I have read once he finished that movie he was getting ready to be in a film with Bruce Willis. Such a shame. Kevin would have been huge in the US.
1 May 07
Yup, it was Tears of the Sun. I film I didn't know he was casted for, I'm still not sure which part he was going to play, but he would of played it well! I like the film too, wish I'd seen him in it.
@vamp6x6x6x (1220)
• United States
14 Oct 09
Ares was my favorite Xena my second favorite and so on so forth.
@19ewf84 (463)
• Austria
4 Nov 07
I like many characters on Xena.. Like Callisto (cute cute Hudson..), Xena, Gabby, Ares, ...
@lancingboy (1386)
• United States
27 Oct 07
Of course, I liked Xena and Gabrielle. I also liked Calypso when she was on. My favorite character in the last few seasons were Eve. I think I saw the actress that plays her on last night's episode of Ghost Whisperer. Or they casted someone who looks a lot like her anyway lol. Yup, Calypso and Eve have my votes for favorite background characters.
1 May 07
Never really liked Eli. Amerise(sp?) I thought was cool, it was nice how it turned out for her too. Terribly sad about Kevin Smith, it is so weird when something like that happens.
@tinam13 (840)
• United States
26 Feb 07
well xena for one and that one blonde guy i cant remember what his name was. i loved that show. i never see reruns or anything though.=(
• United States
24 Feb 07
Jockser rules! He is so hilarious, especially the way he is alway panting after Gabrielle. Of course, Xena is the greatest. I loved this show.