how much Sql Server 2005 is better than 2000 version.

United Arab Emirates
February 24, 2007 12:12pm CST
Sql Server 2005 is the newr version of the Sql Server 2000, and what you thinks that what are the new features available in the 2005 version which are not in 2000 version. And also after 2000 its next version comes in 5 years difference why not it whould be updated every year.
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• United Arab Emirates
25 Feb 07
there are many new faetures available in Sql Server 2005, use help to explore the new features, because Sql server 2000 also was a complete tool and it fullfiled our requirements till now, so there was not need to introduce a new version every year.
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• United Arab Emirates
25 Feb 07
althoug sql server 2000 was fulfilling our needs, but there are so many new features are added in 205 version. And it is very difficult to over come these changes or new version in small amount of time. In the busy schdule of todays life style its very difficult to master all new features immediately. so step by step changing and modification did not take time to be professional
• India
1 Jul 09
Below are some major enhanchment. 1: T SQL Enhanchment -- Added Try and Catch blog, CLR intergration, CTE 2:CLR ( Common Language Runtime) 3:Service Broker 4:Data encryption 5: Admin Features like Dash Bord, SSMB, Online Indexing,Snapshot isolation 6: SSIS packages improve from DTS packages.