lucknowites doesnt know about hospitality

@vivekk20 (185)
February 24, 2007 1:26pm CST
as i hv experienced lucknow for 8 years, i have came to know that the buisnessmen of lucknow do not know how important is the costumer is. i m givving few examples here. first, a tyre puncture maker tagged a board which says ' if u want to be heal puncture then u have to pump out the tyre on your own. second, four times i have experienced that waiters usev to puul out plates before u eat properly. third, worker on food court in sahara mall said that hot preperations are service of mini mahal if u want to eat hot then u have to go there. a worker didnot placed a comfortable chair to another table on wich we wanted to sit, he refused rudely. a restaurant in chowk area have been written that u have to drink water on your own after eat (shocking). this is the only major examples. add your experiences or give your comment. lucknowites are really really dont know how to buisness. if u r a lucknowite then give ur attention and differentiate between bahavior of others in city other than lucknow.
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