silver apostle spoon identification

October 14, 2006 5:48pm CST
ive come across 2 silver apostle spoon,on the back is ep then a symbol then ns,the symbol looks like a number 7 laying on its side, i have been unable to find any info,can anybody help
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• Australia
15 Oct 06
l don't know if this is of any help to you but roughly 32 years ago l used to regulary visit an elderly lady(74yrs)across the road from where we lived in Pascoe Vale and l remember that she had a complete set(6)of Apostle spoons and that they were very old back then.They did go missing at one time and she accused me of stealing them but she later found out it was her Grandson who was staying with her who took them.l'm not sure if she ever got them back from him,as l didn't visit her very much after she accused me of stealing them. The only other time l've seen Apostle spoons was on ebay a couple of months ago and l'm pretty sure it wasn't a complete set. Probably not much help to you regarding the history of your spoons but you never know they might be the same ones the lady across the road had!!