Download Microsoft Frontpage

@magena (128)
February 24, 2007 1:38pm CST
Does anyone know where can I download Microsoft Frontpage for free? I'm planning to launch my personal website and looking forward a good webpage designing tool, so I thought of Frontpage. It's good, isn't it?
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@Zmugzy (773)
1 Mar 07
I don't know where you can get it for free but in my opinion I would not recommend it as a design tool. It uses very complicated code that is very difficult to edit.
@qouniq (1968)
• Malaysia
27 Feb 07
i am not sure i you can find a free to download frontpage software on the internet. But what i can suggest you in building your website, you can use the Microsoft office publisher 2003. There are a lot of website which can help you to build your website free on the may try freewebs, your-own-site and many more...good luck
@Dano11 (173)
• United States
24 Feb 07
I'm not positive, but I think there is a free version of Frontpage on the windows disk. You have to find it and install it. If you look at your windows explorer, (file directory), and look on the "C" in the program folder, there should already be a folder, (however it may be empty), for Microsoft Frontpage. I used front page for a while, it is cheaper, but I had problems with it, especially if when you reach the point of doing compound tables. For some reason, and I don't know if they've corrected this or not, but it used to have a horrible problem. We have changed to Dreamweaver and XSitePro for our websites. I like XSitePro for doing a lot of document type websites, but for actual affiliate marketing and inserting lots of individual product links I like Dreamweaver. You may also check out some shareware programs from CNet or one of those, there are some pretty good WSYWIG editors out there that wil also support scripting languages. Hope this helps,