who is the best player in barcelona?

@capung (70)
February 24, 2007 1:46pm CST
hi guys, i think the best player in barcelona is Ronaldinho. He is have a good skill. particulary in middle player..
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@lauzpauz (115)
16 Mar 07
Hi, I think iniesta without a doubt, hes agile and skillfull, he is having a good season.
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@Velecito (11)
• Spain
15 Mar 07
I think the best player now is Iniesta or Messi. Regards
@gugabape (164)
• Brazil
6 Mar 07
I think Ronaldinho. For everything he do in the games. And he have a brazilian soul, brazilians players are good. And other thing, barcelona ever had the bests players: Maradona, Stoichkov, Ronaldo, Romário, Rivaldo, and now Ronaldinho. To me Barcelona is a team with good players and luck.
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@tyf1112 (153)
• China
7 Sep 07
One of todays rumours and what are your thoughts???? until hes signed on the dotted line i cant see it happening,my opinion would be he went to AC Milan in a swap deal with Kaka.
@varun008 (16)
1 Apr 07
I think Samuel Eto'o. He is a gr8 player & last seasons success story was surely scripted around the gr8 African Striker!!!!!!!!!!!!
@lannylarm (116)
• China
31 Mar 07
Ronaldinho, messi, are both the best, I think. Messi plays better and better now.
@umitcicek (464)
• Turkey
27 Mar 07
In my opinnion,Ronaldinho and Messi are the two best player of Barcelona.After watching Messi facing against Real Madrid FC and see hattrick of him,I understand how capable player whom he is.Youth team of Barcelona is also full of incredible players but I think we should still have time to watch them in next years..Messi will be the backbone of Barcelona and Argentinian national team next years.Go Messi.
@atenk_aja (118)
• Indonesia
18 Mar 07
hmm...i think... the best player in barcelona is of course ronaldinho...
• Lebanon
17 Mar 07
the best is surely ronaldinho simply he is the leader of the orchestra in the playground....he is the win key for barca...