How to sleep when you're so excited???

@rbd101 (47)
United States
February 24, 2007 2:26pm CST
I'm learning in the dark. it is cold outside. I haven't felt the winter chill as of yet until tonigth. I felt it in a biting breeze that went across my legs, up my sleeves before finally clenching the small of my back. I've been lost in a book recently, and it's a work of fiction, but it's so much more than that. i've been learning, reading, and understanding things about culture that I've never fully grasped before, and understanding things about nature in a way I've never considered until now. Nature isn't even real. It's just a made up word. Nature is how life works and We, as a culture, *are not living with the laws of nature* and we are producing and destroying at a nearly constant state and it bothers me in my stomach. It ties it in knots and makes me scared for the future, for our children's future. It's late and I just finished reading my book and I don't want to sleep. I've been up for thirty two hours and know that I should sleep, but there seems like there's so much to do, there's so much to teach and there's so much to tell. I want to start right now and I want to start with you, and you, and you and you. But i'm so small, so inadequate and incapable, a little girl afraid of the light, cold in a dark room. But don't let this fool you, I feel awake and I feel alive and I feel the wind briskly moving across my nose and my cheeks turn tred and I know the earth and I understand it and I love how we have seasons. I love the delicate incatracies of this life, how no two fingerprints, no two beetles or mites or even gnats are *exactly* the same. I'm awake knowing that I didn't come from a mold, and I'm hopeful in knowing that you didn't either. We have a voice, and no two are exactly alike but all have the full power of harmony and tones of life in every. single. sound.
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@nicolec (2673)
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24 Feb 07
Your passion for life is amazing. Although have you really been up for 32 hours? Wow. I couldn't imagine that. I feel that same way you do that we are destroying nature. I know there are some things that we just can't help, but there is so much needless things that we, as the human race, do that is just not right. It's hard to fight against the mainstream. Especially those that believe this world was put here for our use. Our use maybe, but our abuse? Is that right? Each of us can only try in our own little way.
@rbd101 (47)
• United States
25 Feb 07
i think you are correct. i wish people would just use a little common sense and decensy. where is society's morals? Where is our respect for the earth??