If you know someone that is cheating but don't know how to prove it

Should I tell on that person or not? - Should I tell the person I like that her boyfriend is cheating on her?
United States
February 24, 2007 4:46pm CST
If you know someone is cheating on someone you like or is taking and flirting with other girls behind there back, how would you prove it? First off do you think you could just take some pictures or would they see the flash and chase you down and steal the camera. Or if you know where one person is cheating on that person and bring that one person you may like and show them the person they are dating are cheating on them. Or would you just forget about the whole thing and denie that you ever knew or seen anything of it.
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• Canada
24 Feb 07
I wouldn't worry about pictures or anything like that , I would go to my friend and tell her what I knew and give her the option to believe me or not . My friends should know me well enough to know that I would never ever make up something like this and would never want to hurt them . I would definitely not ignore it as I know how it feels to be the last person to know and to be the one that was hurt . I don't believe in cheating on someone , if you no longer want to be with someone then you should have the guts to tell them after all they have the guts to go behind your back and do something wrong so they should have the guts to tell you to your face . When you tell your friend just be prepared for her initial anger , this does not mean she is angry at you it is just that she will need someone to strike out as she will be very upset and you will be the one in her line of fire as you are the one who told her but once she gets over her shock she will be grateful to you for doing something no one else had the guts to tell .
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• United States
25 Feb 07
Oh thanks for the help and I think I will tell on my friend becuase he doesn't need to cheat on a women that I like. Maybe she might go out with me then =]. But thanks for the post becuase it got my confieced up.