is a babysitter helpful in your family?

February 24, 2007 7:16pm CST
Do you think that baby sitter are helpful in the growth of your family? My Auntie has two maids and one baby sitter. My auntie has no time for her daughter, because she has alot of things to do. She goes Tai chi every morning, pay her bills, get along with friends when there is an event. I pity my cousin (my auntie's daughter), because she can not feel the loving of her mother. When my Auntie come home from her work stuffs, my cousin can not play with her mother because she knows that her mother is tired. Thats why, my cousin and her babysitter are very close with each other. When her babysitter came in her life, she is always happy and she is not crying anymore. She also calls her babysitter her "mommy". I dont know what side is right. A babysitter or a Mother?
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@hfadzli (439)
• Malaysia
25 Feb 07
I think it should help as sometimes we will be very bust with jobs. But i dont really recomend baby sitter as i believed our child should get 100 % attentions from the parent it self.
• Philippines
25 Feb 07
i agree with you. thanks for the response. :)
• Canada
25 Feb 07
I think what your Auntie is doing is rather extreme. When I was little Mom would hire a babysitter if she and Dad were going out for the evening, or if thery had an all-day event to attend, but it wasn't very often. They were home most days and nights. Babysitters, in my opinion, are only if parents are at work, or if they have to attend another event, not to RAISE the chld, as your Auntie is allowing.
• Philippines
25 Feb 07
oh yeah. thanls for the response. thats what i also think about my auntie, but you know i cannot force her to stay home and be with her daughter.
@ruknaa (408)
• India
26 Feb 07
a mother is always best... but if due to financial/medical reasons that can not be arranged than a professional and regular baby sitter is much more dedicated than a bunch of reluctant relatives/friends/family members