the baby jesus, pretend or not pretent?

United States
February 24, 2007 9:21pm CST
Dear Friends, I would like to see a show of hands, how many people think the baby jesus is pretend. Really is isn't all just pretend? The whole God thing i mean. What is faith based, where is the EVIDENCE that god exists, now personally I am an agnostic. I have no imperical data either way. Christianity has just degenerated itself into becoming a way for the rich to win elections, and islam has allowed itself to be used to stir waring factions into killing one another over oil, i might ad with the help of christianity. In my experience I have rarely met a christian who was anything like christ. I come from a religious background so I have heard all the mystical arguments, and the I get why people would want to do the religion thing but when it comes down to it isn't faith really just a fire insurance policy.
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