Economic Protest

United States
February 24, 2007 9:33pm CST
The way the U.S. economy is going, it seems like the gap between the rich and the poor gets wider every day and that soon there will be no middle class. The people at the top, it seems, absolutly don't care how many people they have to lay off so much as they get that new mercedes. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about ways to go about (a) peaceful economic protest (b) peaceful general protest and (c)making sure as little of the lower classes money ends up right back in the pockets of the vulgarly rich. I'm also interested in any other ideas people might have. I have some concerns though, that the 'war' is already lost and that economic protest will just lead to more layoffs and retaliation. Do you guys think this concern is grounded or do you still think it's possible for the working class to take back control of the U.S.
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• United States
25 Nov 07
That is very very bad because we as the economy here needs the middle class. The middle class is the only class that is working and paying. The upper class known as the rich don't pay taxes they know how to hide it or donate it well. While the lower class also known as the poor class they don't work or pay as well. Most in this class hold out their hands for the middle class for money. The middle class work and they are force to donate to the lower class in means of welfare. Gosh, we are in the middle class where every dollar is earn with a lot of hard work and sweat but then when you get your paycheck half is taken away by good old Uncle Sam. Taking back control? I don't believe so the rich (upper class) are not game to play with us working class (aka middle class). Most of the rich are the ones in power. Do you think they want to mix in with us the working class?