Prom wants to kill me, Im a tenth grader

Im had a bad dream of prom - I had a bad dream of prom
@Mecboy (1051)
United States
February 24, 2007 11:10pm CST
I HAD A DREAM AFTER A QUICK NAP, I got in trouble a little when my grandma told me to get off the computer. I wanted help from some. I had a weird crying dream! Im just gonna go to the prom, and sit in the front fields. Man my grandma keeps telling me to get off the computer. My uncle is having fun with his friends. Im sitting typing and my grandma keeps telling me to get off. Even though I get the glasses. Listening to this farmer girl song Again And Again. makes me dream that im gonna cry at prom alone in the front FIELDS! I really dreamed, that my grandparents let me go out to prom. I go out alone! I tell all my friends at the high school and lie that Im waiting for some girl. I meet Omar! I say! YAY! Have a great night And I hope you get your Yearly Target Goal! I tell you yeah, I got a girl walking here. I lie about that. I have nobody to date. Im just sitting and crying the lawn with my cd player. With that country song going ON! Im just sitting there with my german helmet, What going on. I just drew a sad face on a German helmet! Im crazy, I don't realize what I just made! I HAVE NO GLASSES. I don't have glasses so far. The optometry is making sunglasses for me.Changeable. IT SHOWS I HAVE NO GLASSES IN THE FUTURE. I just TOOK A NAP! I woke up and went to my computer. FINISHED A GERMAN HELMET SAD FACE I Didn't even realize, I just DREW THIS AuTOMATICALLY! AUTOMATICALLY, WITHOUT THINKING! What does this dream mean? I mean I have no Glasses in my FUTURE PROM! A german helmet. My cd player singing Again and again By Jewel, Album Goodbye Alice in Wonderland. whats with me?" My high school gets attacked by KIDS TERRORISTS. I have a bee bee gun and SHOOT THEM DOWN! BEE BEE GUN FIGHT! and then this picture comes to mind! MY GUN! I have a German helmet. Im listening to Again and Again by Jewel. Im crying inthe field. I lied to my friends that I have a date. I NEVER LIED BEFORE. MAYBE! But I never lie to my friends. I just lie and say, I have a date. And sit alone and cry, while fireworks fire. And all my friends are dancing. Im alone outside. just looking at stars. What wrong with me? And then I WAKE UP I go to myspace to type this. I GET IN TROUBLE WITH MY GRANDMA a little. Just to type this.
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• Canada
25 Feb 07
Strange dream!! I have strange dreams all the time.
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@Mecboy (1051)
• United States
25 Feb 07
I don't under stand Why I keep dreaming of an italian girl, having s e x with me. and then she tell put the...never mind. Dreams are weird.