Who do you think deserves to be paid more?

February 25, 2007 12:36am CST
I just finished watching a good hindi movie(i'm from India) and the movie was very touvhing and most of the shooting was done in Malayasia and the U.S I am not really a sports fanatic when it comes to watching i perfer playing sports not watching.. But i know that sports and acting can be both difficult as one has to be away from family and eat out all the time and take care of one's health for be a sport star of filmstar both have to be in good shape to perform!! So who really get's paid more in the process as there is not so much of a difference in their profession? They both get fame, money and free traveling, except that a player does it more for his country..
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@resasour (378)
• United States
25 Feb 07
That is an interesting question. Here, sports players get paid quite a bit. Especially if they are good. An Actor can make alot of money too, but their work isnt guarenteed. For instance, a pro baseball player on a good team may get several million a year or more. That's just for his work, but then he also makes money doing commercials, and royalties from endorsing products, gets other benefits like a car and his travel and stuff is paid for.. An Actor gets paid for the work he does, but has to keep finding work to do in order to keep making money. So I think an both have equal options about money. How much they make depends on how much they work and how often, and how good they are at it. However, it seems to me like an actor does not have as much of the physical stuff to deal with as those that play pro sports.. but then again, ball players might get a little bit (maybe) more privacy than high paid actors do.So I guess it kind of balances itself out, what they get in return for the big bucks..