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February 25, 2007 12:45am CST
I am a 70 year old government school teacher. Retired. I am totally dependant on the pension that I get from the treasury department. Every time I go to collect my pension cheque, I have to stand in a long queue, and after a lot of hustle and bustle, when I reach the counter, its almost the end of a long and tedious day. Last month a very srtange thing happened, which i think, I will never be able to forget. As usual I went to collect my pension, and as usual took my place at the end of the queue. The entire department was in total chaos. Lots of people cramped up in a small and dingy room. The man behind the counter was looking irritated and was answering to various queries from various people like me, who went there to collect their pension cheque, in a very rude manner. I was standing at the end of the long queue, and two other people were standing behind me. A very old woman approached me, and requested me that, since she is not feeling well, can I help her in collecting her pension cheque, as well, along with mine. I was in two minds. Should I or should I not. The queue was getting longer and longer. By the time this happened, there were about 15 people standing behind me. I hesitatingly, looked at the old woman. She could be anywhere around 80 - 85 years of age. I glanced sideways at those people standing behind me. Some of them uttered, please don't allow the old woman in. We are all waiting for a long time for the same cause that she is here for. Please don't allow her. I looked at the old woman. She was staring back at me, with request full eyes. I hardened myself, and said NO to her. Did I see tears in her eyes? I cannot say. But i turned away from her. After collecting my pension cheque I came out of the treasury department. I had to deposit the cheque in the bank. While going back home, I could see, a big crowd in front of the entrance of the treasury department. I was curious. I went there to see the most shocking thing in my life. The old woman was lying on the ground, apparently senseless. Some people were trying to sprinkle some water on her face. I slowly approached her. She was still lying senseless on the ground. I was staring at her. Though there was a lot of shouting going around, no sound was entering my ears. I was just staring at her. Senseless, vulnerable, lying on the ground. Then i could hear someone say, "Oh this old woman is DEAD." Mousumi412 adds : This incident took place last year in the month of May, 2006. This was told to me in a train, by a very old school teacher, who was my co-traveller. He still regrets about the whole incident.
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25 Feb 07
May God bless all of us.