Going to church....

February 25, 2007 1:22am CST
Do you believe that it is better to go to church with complete family? Me i prefer to do so because it makes the family closer to each other. Now that i have a family on my own i make it a point that i will go to church with my two daugthers and my husband. How about you? Do you do the same?
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• Canada
25 Feb 07
Every member of my family lives in a different city and attends a different church. Going to chuch only matters of it is important to the individual. If whole families prefer to attend church together, that's great, but individual members should not be forced.
• Philippines
25 Feb 07
i agree with you. when i was young, me and my siblings were usually forced to go to church. my mom put a buzzer in our rooms so that we would wake up every sunday morning for us to go to church. the idea annoyed the heck out of me that it only added to the gap in our family. now, my parents don't force us to go to church anymore even if they prefer us to go there. our relationship has smoothened in a way.
@SnIcKasS (1378)
• Israel
25 Feb 07
I prefer not going to church at all :). I mean, I respect religion... but for me churches are just a beautiful architecture.