Respect, Trustworthiness, Honesty, Loyalty

@sutan74 (1113)
February 25, 2007 2:13am CST
Traits and Manners are important for each one of us. Even with money we can't buy this traits for it was instilled since we were young by our parents. Environment plays a big role too, but this traits are learned by children from people who taught and nurtured them since birth. Do you think this traits are still seen on our young generation nowadays???
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@izathewzia (5142)
• Philippines
28 Nov 07
I am a parent, and I am doing my best to teach everything my children should learn in order to grow as better citizens. But let us acept the fact that not all parents now are teaching their children properly. So let us not expect that some or more of the present and future generation are showing the traits you've mentioned.
@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
27 Nov 07
Hello, sutan! you r right,the children inherit manners from cultured parents.the environment at home teaches the children to be cultured,polite,hoisting,fellow feelings,and such other things which may bring glory to them in future life.this is the go of the be good mannered or to be cultured is not old fashioned.yes,of course,the present young generation is in the right track with some exceptions.thanks alot for your discussion,keep on.good luck.
• United States
23 Nov 07
I am guessing you are asking if respect, trustworthiness, honest and loyalty in today's youth..? I would say you can find it in many of our youth. but not all. I don't think our young people are bad..just often times they fall into the wrong crowd..or seek for something they are not finding at home.
@Perry2007 (2229)
• Philippines
16 Nov 07
It needs regeneration, there is a need to educate paents on parenting and child rearing this time more than ever.