Boyfriend for 3 months !

@clintz15 (977)
February 25, 2007 2:25am CST
Recently, I was approached by one of my classmates. She asked me whether I could be her boyfriend for just 3 months. She said that she was terribly bored with the life she was leading right now and that she needs company. The thing is that our course at college will get over in another 3 months time. She just wants to get over this time as quickly as possible and with little boredom. She wants me to talk to her in a romantic way and keep her away from boredom. She was in love with a guy for some period of time earlier but that broke apart. Now she doesn't want to break her heart once more by getting involved with a new relationship. She promises me that she will not get herself committed to this relationship and that I can leave her after 3 months without any regrets or sad feelings. What she wants is a "good friend" or "a make-belief boyfriend" she can have as she wishes herself. It is almost as if she wants a puppet in myself. A puppet that will act according to her whims and fancies. Even I am without a girlfriend and I am not ready to commit to a relationship at this point of my life. I think that I need to wait. What should I do?
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