need more info abt aoe 3

Age of Empires - Age of Empires,abbreviated to AoE or AOE, Developed by Ensemble Studios.
February 25, 2007 2:38am CST
Age of Empires, abbreviated to AoE or AOE,is a history-based real-time strategy computer game released in 1997 .Developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft. I played.. Age of Empires • Rise of Rome Age of Empires II • The Conquerors I want feed back from u for ... Age of Empires III • The War Chiefs
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@psnogi (545)
• India
10 May 07
desparun, i think u r lucky that it didnt install, aoe 3 is boring, not beter than aoe2:tc
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@sajuman (1854)
• India
27 Nov 07
Thanks for the discussion.. Age of of my favorite game... It is my favorite game among the real time strategy of games..i played Age of empires 2 first...Then i played Age of mythology.. I also played the latest age of is a wonderful experience over the game play... We are waiting for the new one...
• India
11 Mar 07
u r so lucky that u played it......i ve still got prob in installing it
@Boorach (30)
27 Feb 07
I bought this and have played it once. It's nothing like as good as the previous versions which I play virtually every day. Gameplay is tedious and the whole game is nothing like the others. I'd give it a miss and buy The Titans - excellent fun1