no electricity needed..

February 25, 2007 2:56am CST
my bf told me that there will come a time when we don't need to pay electricity bills per month because there will be a device that can absorb energy from different sources of radiation which could be converted into high-end energy. some households are using this type of device secretly as they don't want to affect the loss of consumption of electricity from major electrical companies. aside from this, some governments could be linked to major electrical companies that they don't want to affect their profitability which is why they wouldn't allow this type of information to be disclosed to the public. but if this is possible, he said it would break the laws of physics and science. could this be possibly true? if it is, we don't have to worry about monthly bills and this type of invention could change the lives of so many people..what do you think?
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@Mitraa (3188)
• India
6 Jun 07
If any person has such an innovative idea, I personally welcome to message me. Realities are more important than just stories. This will never break the laws of Physics. Because scientific achievements are only based on laws of Nature. If some households are utilizing such method, then from which country, please say. But I have the vision that science will sure popularise this concept of energy generation in future and use throughout the world to create a revolution in energy sector. Thanks.
@dfinster (3535)
• United States
25 Feb 07
I've never heard of this, but who knows what science will come up with in the years to come. But hey, the minute this happens somebody needs to seriously let me know because our electric bill is through the roof and continuing to go up.Lol.
@SnIcKasS (1378)
• Israel
25 Feb 07
I agree, too bad it's not possible. I mean it is, theoreticly. but we still can't manage to do that.
• Canada
25 Feb 07
Anything is possible.