try happiness

February 25, 2007 3:29am CST
have u ever tired to search your soulmate?, your everlasting love?, other people do... i heard, some short conversation, from some elderly people, one is the driver, other girl is the client, they are maybe had some relationship long before that time, both of them married, the girl have some better living, with 2 child, and the driver have 1 child, and lower life, i felt some love connection between them,some unhappy love life, but they give up to search..,is it soulmate?, is they husband, or wife are really they pure choice, of love? some people do to stop the question of faith, and life with no passion, some denied life, with somebody that's really their true love, but both of them have a cute child, nice living.., but there is some emptyness inside.. the show must go on, with or without the one that you loved most, they give up to dream, coz in the real world,there is only one thing that could make u alive, money.. there's a future in it, and love only a beautiful picture, on the living room wall,sound like sarcastic isn't it? what you choose?, is what you get, and better to try happiness, try happiness
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