A handful of nations are holding the Globe at ransom

February 25, 2007 7:16am CST
Along with America,Australia refused to abide by the Kyoto resolution on the issue of Greenhouse emissions. America and Australia are subscribing a lot to the Global warming through their excessive Greenhouse emissions. This act of irresponsibility has further gained prominence when the Prime minister of a Pacific island nation Tavalu,which is already threatened by submersion due to rising sea levels, has been refused to to talk about the issue by the Australian PM. This is the second time in six years,Australia refused to talk. How long this evasion goes?
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5 Mar 07
Has Australia given any reason for refusing to talk?
25 Feb 07
I think you raise an important point. It seems that the voices of smaller nations are often drowned out by the influence of the global powers. However it is true that national governments are elected to enhance and protect the lives of their own citizens first, and those notions often come at the expense of cross border international policies, eg through protectionism and the preservation of jobs and income over environmental concerns. I would suggest that Australia, whilst it has a part to play, is less important in the global requirement to protect the environment than some of the other players such as USA, China and India.