Have you ever encountered a bakery worker who touched your pasteries without...

United States
February 25, 2007 8:36am CST
Have you ever encountered a bakery worker who touched your pasteries/cookies without gloves? I went to a bakery and the clerk is standing behind the counter and you are ordering what you want. You turn your head for just a minute to look at the other delicious baked goods when suddenly you put your eyes back on her getting your pastries out of the display case and you see that she is touching them without gloves. All the other people who work there are wearing gloves so they know the rules. However, this one is oblivious to them. It is in the later part of the afternoon. I am thinking, What! Did she do this all day long and nobody said anything to her? I was in shock! I said to her that I wanted new pasteries and cookies and I wanted her to put gloves on. Her face became red and she said she would. She included that she would give me the others and I could share them with someone else. Yeah, they are not good enough for me but they are good enough for my friends. She said that the ones she touched were in the bag she marked with an X. I noticed that she gave the pasteries but not the cookies. Hmmm...how many customers did she do that with today? Did she have a full tray of cookies and baked goods to take home because she touched them? Has this happened to you? If so, how did you handle it?
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• Canada
25 Feb 07
I have not yet had this problem.
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@jammed (154)
• Philippines
25 Feb 07
Yes, it's quite a rampant case here. Every time I see one, I reprimand him then I wouldn't and never will buy to that bakery again.
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