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@lighto (73)
February 25, 2007 8:52am CST
Hey People ... remember any funny incidents that happened in the classes ... in school or high school ... I'll Start ... We have a math teacher in school ... she was like crazy ... she does'nt like student yawning in the class ... we had a morning class nd hence some were sleepy ... one of my friends accidently yawned ... what happened next was history people ... she saw him and threw a chalk in his mouth ... man were we stunned !!! so ever since this ... she got a new punchline ... "Yawning In D Yearly Mornin" (please bear with spelling she was South-Indian ....)
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• India
25 Feb 07
when i was in 10th standard ... one day students were throwing the chalk pieces on each other and and enjoying like kids .. there were 10 girls in my class .. suddenly one chalk piece got hit a girls arm .. then all students stopped doing that ... that girl was the most innocent girl in the whole class at that time .. she went to the teacher and complained the student who threw ... after that event i met that guy (who threw ..) ..he told me that i got the valentine card .. i ask who's she..? he told the girl ..was that same girl....
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