I have 5.19$ Earning in Mylot

February 25, 2007 12:09pm CST
I came to know about my lot a week ago and i created an ID and started posting my discussion not having much knowledge how it really works. How much i really get from the discussion and other aspect as the figure suggests that I have just 37 discussion posted, can any one tell how much u have won till now. Becoz As you see I dont have the rating when will it come to my name? If I dont mark any person as the best then what will happen,if I post any one's suggestion as the best then the discussion will be closed or what? What is the + -! indicate? Please let me know about it Does high rating (star) means high earning ?
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• Pakistan
30 Jan 08
u have asked a lot of question and first tell me how u earn a lot in only one week. i am also new here and dont know also.