How much are there going after money here?

February 25, 2007 12:53pm CST
Well i was also going after money these days but geting known about its all fraudes well i am not disappointed but i got to know that the real taste of life is getin your own money by hardwork thats true i got to know have anyone ever thinked to get money how much houres u waste on internet and how much you get? well i would like to know how much peoples are here going only after money
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• Canada
25 Feb 07
Hi, I am basicly for the money. Hope this don't sound too bad. By after about 150 posts, and earning 1.42$... yeah, only 1.42$... I am trying to find other money maker. I give myself a month to explore and se if I can really make money online.. After that, I will go seek for a second job... I want to pay a trip to New York and pay some of my credit debts. Maybe get rib of my credit debts before going to New York... I don't know yet. Yet, I cannot say that I am being successful earning money online... Anyone had tips??
• India
25 Feb 07
well if you want to get ideas about the money making u can find thousands of postes here on mylot one interasting thing i found about mylot is it may not be as popular as orkut but its real strength lies in its openness orkut is best for personal public relations but mylot is best for public opinions and thats its strength and it will come soon to front i am sure about it