Does Child Labour exists in ur country???????????????????

@Mithoo (255)
February 25, 2007 1:01pm CST
As we are living in a world which is going to be very innovative daily.. still there are lot of countries where child labour still exists... Does it suite to human beings??? what do u think ??? Should we try to abolish the child labour from the world????? plzzz tell me???? Does child labour exists in ur country??????
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@shriti (4)
13 Mar 07
Yes, it also exist a lot in India.Here you can see kids of very small age working as a factory labours,cobblers,sweepers etc...Here all uneducated couples gave birth to 8-10 childs and when their child reach age of 5,they ask them to start earning. Here all uneducated people have 1 simple formulae- More the number of kids = More the income of family Which ultimately leads to child labour.
• Nigeria
25 Feb 07
Yes it does exist in NIgeria Revival of humanitarian concepts and activating all the ties of compassion and true compassion in order to expedite the fee in Baltamenyat unbelievable! But with the introduction of concepts and values and human qualities as a since the benign micro must sow in the minds of the young and infect for adults develop concepts and examples Similes. As you know, most people were running behind the desires and money and fame and scared and false love. And go on forever that all those formulas and concepts Manna Both negative energy caused serious diseases such as diabetes Els Ertan etc., as they kill each neighborhood meaning and sincere Pgai a real life, a sense of love, transforming the person to h yuan. Or to the devil in their eyes shine not only murder, theft and father oasis taboos, cruelty and domination. Would that strip you of humanity? Do you imagine without the same person? Imagine when one of these points ... Will assist in ridding the world of this Ugliness. Because he will not accept for himself. Once a taste of oppression, deprivation and other deceptive him others will appreciate harms. God, I know.