NeRdS-uncool freaks or future Einsteins

February 25, 2007 1:18pm CST
hmmm..well everythime i enter school, i see this gal carrying a sack of books(heavier than herself),she wears these +3 spectacles on her pimpled face and braced teeth... wht exactly is she accordin to u??? sumone who cares for her future ...sumone who realizes that this world's or mayb her country's future is sumwht dependant on her??? or is that she is a freak who doesnt know this life is far more beautiful..far broader than her books.....far more fascinating and imaginative than what her books tells isnt science,geography,history or maths.... or is it?? waitin fer ur comments.....
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@Mollyjo (268)
• United States
5 Mar 07
I would find this person very shy and wanting to have a friend. Maybe she buries herself in books just because she has no true friends that care about her. I was never a diva in school my self but, I did make friends with people that needed it the most like this girl. as for going places I think it just depends on the person, yes she may and may not.