Will You Give Your Last Money?

Me - me
@bobby28 (190)
February 25, 2007 1:40pm CST
Will you give the last money you have in your pocket to a complete stranger who has not eaten any food for days?
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@filchi (291)
• Netherlands
12 Mar 07
Yessss, i will. I am a very kind hearted...even to much sometimes like you are being abused already, but i know that is not good being abused of to much kindness although i do believe in Karma, whatever you do good will come back to you, even in my situation now.I still believe in that phrase, and its not just that it will come back to me, but its nice to do things for others...
• United States
25 Feb 07
It already happened to me before. I was about to go home, just waiting for the public transport, when a kid approached me and told me that he hadn't eaten in two days. I felt so sorry for him that I brought him towards a cafeteria and ordered some food for him (which is the last of my transportation money). I figured it's better that I feed him than give him the money (because I'm not sure if the money would go to food). He was indeed very hungry, and I was so happy for being able to feed a hungry kid. I walked home, tired but happy.
@teison2 (5924)
• Norway
25 Feb 07
If I met someone that had not eaten in days, yeah I might just do that. There are lots of people worse off than me - if i can help some of them I'd be happy to do so.