Mr. Bean's best performance

February 25, 2007 5:01pm CST
Hi did you watch Mr. Bean's 1. Hospital token episode 2. Do it yourself episode 3. Back to school episode 4. Dentist episode 5. queen episode? These are some of the best performances of Mr. Bean. There are also some more where he goes to swimming pool, library, church and his making a sandwich. In that sandwich making episode he even uses a live fish to make that a non-veg sandwich. These are my favorite episodes of Mr. Bean. If you want to watch something funny, please watch the above said episodes. And if you like his shows please discuss your favorite shows of Mr. Bean. So that we can direct some more people towards never ending entertainment.
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@lancingboy (1386)
• United States
4 Sep 07
There is an episode where Mr. Bean goes to a library? I never saw that episode I don't think. I like the one where he messes with that royal guard and puts flower petals on his helmet-hat thing. It was the one where he was taking pictures outside.
• Philippines
11 May 07
I like both the cartoons and the real one of Mr. Bean because its really funny and almost all episodes are full of surprises and made with laughter. I like the episode where his ebeloved car has been crashed in pieces, its really sad :(
@apsara60 (6612)
• Israel
26 Feb 07
hi there, Me and my family is also found of Mr.Bean and his serials. We have also seen some of his movies. His role in "Rat Race" is also very nice. His silent movies are very nice and when he speaks, that in itself is very funny. I liked his episode, where he calls his friends for christmas party and offers them sticks dipped in honey, and also his shopping in supermarket, and also when he goes for examination and does not see that he has two papers to answer, also when he paints his house and when he bought new tv...and his commedy in church.I like the one where his car is crushed and still he is happy with the door handle. Mr. Bean is a character which is enjoyed by people of all ages. Even our grandmothers like him. Ever expression of his makes us laugh. We have recorded some of his episodes and when ever we feel bored or on weekends, we put it on and enjoy and it really makes all of us happy and relaxed
25 Feb 07
Hi there, my daughter absolutely adores Mr Bean - both the 'real' one and the cartoons. I liked the one where he was taking part in an exam and lined all his mascots, gonks, pencils and rubbers up on his desk :-) My husband, who's sister worked at Thames TV at the time, was in the audience for the filming of that episode and also nearly ran Rowan Atkinson over when they were filming an episode of Mr Bean in our town! I'm very glad he missed for my daughter's sake - what would she watch?