It is one of the FINEST foods there is.What's your favorite?

February 25, 2007 7:42pm CST
What do you get when you getty a chicken from china? Is it a chickety china chinese chicken? Well, whatever it is if it's the rice, the lo mein or eggrolls, tell us your FAVORITE plates at chinese diners.
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26 Feb 07
If you have a palate that enjoys all types of chinese food, but favours Cantonese, then there is nothing finer than Dim Sum, originally meant to be food to start you day with , but now tends to be a Hors Doeuvres as a prelude to the main courses. Good restaurants will have a number of specialist chefs who are masters of a particular category, such as soup dumplings, which are dumplings filled with a flavoured soup, and then steamed. If you think about it ....a steamed dumpling filled with soup ??? ....that just shows the skill needed to make these dumplings. There are many varieties from seafood, to various meats, to stuffed steamed buns, even specially seasoned rice is a variety of Dim Sum .....most people will start with Sui Mia, Ha Gow and go from there to sample the dirverse varieties on offer, depending on the capabilities of the kitchen you visit. I personally can make a meal of Dim Sum, sometimes eating 15 - 25 of the bamboo baskets each containing the delicacies..... If you are not sure ask your waiter for advice and the recommended offers of the day. Enjoy !!! they are little masterpieces of delight !