How I healed my Acid reflux

February 25, 2007 7:46pm CST
I had acid reflux 2 years ago.I went to a local clinic in desperate need to get a quick fix for my problem knowing it will not heal with pills but it could temporarily help.I was heading to Europe for three weeks,I needed to enjoy trip not have this problem on vacation.I was prescribed pills for one month and to get one more after that month. I started my pills and sypmtoms only got worse,I took them for 2 weeks only and threw them out.When I came back I started doing research and this is the best thing I came up with and it works.It got rid of my problem completely. It works for many things...I also had another incident.I went to Cuba for vacation and I had bad knotting pain in my stomach for three months,I went to doctors in the meantime did tests and nothing found.I became my own doctor. My Nick name is "doctor" Now let me explain what I found that works great if you have this problem."Apple Cider Vinegar" Yes! At first I thought more acid in my stomach,well Apple Cider is the good Acid.That's what's happening, it's missing it. Depending on your diet also could cause this in the first place.Eating those burgers,deep fried,soft drink is adding fuel to the fire. I could go on and on. My recipe: 1 tall Glass of water add 2-4 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar(shake bottle first) If your problem is severe try 3 times a day and than maybe once a day. If you can't handle the taste,you could put in juice instead.I don't mind the water Elimanate junk food while cleansing,Apple Cider is also a internal cleanser.Healthy Eating is a healthy body Best place to buy Apple Cider Vinegar: Natural food store or natural section in regular grocery store,best bottle is a dark brown plastic,the reason it's dark is to keep the properties.If sunlight hits it it loses properties.Make sure it has "Mother" in it also.It also has enzymes which aids digestion.
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