what goes around...comes around...is dedicated to????

February 25, 2007 8:19pm CST
which one of jt's ex's do u think the song what goes around comes around dedicated to? coz i was kinda confuse, at first i had this hint that it's totally dedicated to britney but then again, it was 5 long years ago, and to think is he still not over his heartbreak with her yet? but when i heard the line from the song which goes " the funny thing about that is, i was ready to give you my name.." suddenly made some bells rang, coz wasnt he ready to marry cameron but the she doesnt want to that's why they broke up, coz she said she's a commitment-phobe...so i was just thinking what would you say about the song and who is it for? so if you have some conclusions, please feel free to leave it here ok...thanks...
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@steel111 (87)
• Bosnia And Herzegovina
27 Feb 07
I wanted so badly to find a solution to this dilemma, but i always ended up with solutions that are similar to yours. (maybe he did not dedicated that song to anybody) :)
• Philippines
1 Mar 07
i agree... and i must admit that i'm kinda confuse about it...maybe it was not dedicated to anyone...coz i was really blown away by the song and if its dedicated to someone...i'm sure that "what goes around...comes around" made a lot of damage on her...emotionally...hehehe
@Sana321 (108)
• Canada
18 Apr 07
Hmmm, maybe he is talking about Britney..if he made it for her, doesn't necesserily mean it's 'cause he's not over the heartbreak, it's prob just a comeback..but then again it does suit Cameron.......mysterys mysterysss
• Philippines
1 Apr 07
i think it is both for britney asn dcameron becuase justine has been hurt by both of then and thats why he wants to say it that karma will hunt them.. i know britney has the karma already. ahehehe
@ynocenta (81)
• Romania
25 Mar 07
I don`t know who dedicated or if dedicated this melody ... but the song is simply divine !!!
@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
5 Mar 07
my ex husband and his new wife. They are having problems now this song fits them both well all of the jokes and stuff they made about me and all the times he cheated on me with her. She wants to talk to me about him but there is no way he is her problem I think it is funny in a way. I miss him but he has hurt me more then anyone else has in my whole life.