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United States
February 25, 2007 8:37pm CST
Hey i was wondering if anyone had advice for a first year law student. My first semster didnt go as well as I anticipated. I did really well in undergrad, but law school wasn't the same case. Does anyone know how to do well in law school. I'm only goin part time b/c i work full time, but there has got to be a trick.
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@mkcallejo (318)
• Philippines
17 Jun 07
First, you have to realize that law school is different from college. A lot of people I know, including me, excelled in college but did not do that well in law school. The reason is that law school is a completely different environment. Second, once you realize that, you will learn to ADJUST. You will learn to study, read, and memorize more. That's how it works. That is also the reason why first year of law school is difficult. It's because of the adjustment phase from college life to law school life.
• China
4 Mar 07
i really don't think there is a trick to do this things well.i'm a first year law student also and i'm in China.However,as far as I know what we need do is step by step and concentrate on our study,read as many as relevant books as you can,especially the classic. good luck,hope you do well in future