revoking credentials (college degree) to forgive student loan debt..

United States
February 25, 2007 11:34pm CST
This one is going to sound way out there.. but here goes.. I have $63,000 worth of student loan debt to pay off.. My degree in Psychology has not done a thing for me. I graduated in fall of 2001 (5 years ago) with the hope of getting into the counseling field.. Then I realized in order to that I needed to go up the Master's level. I was not about to get into deeper debt. i had no family that could help me at that time so I was on my own and I really thought that getting an education would be my salvation out of poverty and an escape from the childhood abuse I endured. Instead- I have ended up in poverty with mental illness as a result of my past and this enormous debt now. Every job that I've landed, I could've gotton without the degree. In fact, I worked with people who bearly graduated from high school who earned a good income. I am now a stay at home mom and we live on a tight budget.. We do not spend money on frivolous things.. everything is accounted for. We are scraping by but getting through. I have continously put my loans on deferment and forebearance but at some point that will have to come to an end. Since I suffer from some sort of mental illness/depression from my traumatic childhood and this horrible debt- I have trouble keeping jobs (I posted about this before). My curiousity has lead me to wonder if revoking my degree in exchange for student loan forgiveness is even a possibility.. I don't see myself ever using this degree. It would be revoked- meaningless..the record would be destroyed and taken out my educational background/credential- if that's even possible.. I would even be willing to pay for any portion of the loan that was used for room/board.. Yes, I know many of you will say that I should've thought about it before-but I did.. I had dreams about changing my life for the better and do good for others with my degree. Now I feel like going to school has been the biggest mistake that I have ever made.. and if there is one lesson.. if you can't afford to out right pay for something- including an education, then don't do it, it;s not worth it. Have any of you ever wondered this- or am I the only one with this sick and twisted idea..
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@owens07 (325)
• Puerto Rico
26 Feb 07
Can't you get certified to teach? Maybe you could teach in a private school that would recognize your degree.Then you wouldn't necessarily have to be certified. I guess the problem is that you need somebody to watch your kid and that could be expensive.