how to handle discriminations and rejections?

February 26, 2007 6:34am CST
Rejection and discrimination is often one of the problems of some teenagers, but not only teenagers but older people also experience. There are really those people that even if you do not step of their feet, they just tend to judge you and put you down. How sad isn't it? We cannot please everybody even if we do our best, our best isn't good enough. We do not need to please them to the expense of ourselves, if we do, we are just the ones who will suffer and those who put you down, well they won't mind. Based on experience often people put me down and question my skills and capabilities. They failed to get to know the real me. What they did is that they misjudge me because of what they see on my outside. I am an outgoing person, sometimes I'm vocal that I speak what I want to say they treat me wrong. I just couldn't understand why they tend to spread gossips on me on talk behind my back each time I recite on class, each time I try to ask questions that are really related to the topic being discussed and that it is sensible, and lastly each time that I perform on stage. Some of my classmates tries to praise me but deep inside they like plastic. Others says that they are like that because they are envious on me. One thing that they think each time I try to offer my help is that I feel like I know everything, but what I wanted only was to help other people. They cannot question my skills because in fact I have showed them what I've got that they do not have. I am not bragging but honestly even others says that I have so many talents some are not even developed. Like I have a nice voice, I'm good at playing guitar, I know how to make webpages or make designs on anything, literary works like composing poems,essays, or even composing song. But though many people puts me down, there are also many people who see my worth and my capabilities, they were able to see my good personality. I can tell that I have a lot of friends because I can mingle with anybody easily, I am totally a friendly person who always wear a smile everyday, and even any time of the day. I am somewhat cool almost at all times and can manage pressure most of the time. That even many will put me down, I am strong enough to handle those criticisms if I know what I am doing is right. I don't care on what people say against me as long as I don't harm others which is my main concern. I don't talk against anybody unless he/she talk against me, or that he/she violates the rights of others. I am likely like a lawyer who wish to defend those who cannot defend themselves, speaks on the behalf of group of people to fight for their rights, and speak out to those who seems to harm the people around. My advice is that if you feel like being discrimanated and rejected, do not let them overcome you. If you do, you will just ruin your life and that you cannot live happily. Be strong enough to handles each situation whether or not many would believe you, as long as you know what you are doing is right. In the long run, you did your part. If others pull you down, that means that you are above them. Believe in yourself, have faith that you can do anything you like. And lastly have God as your guidance, because without Him, even if you try so hard to do anything, you cannot be fully satisfied and be happy coz something might be lacking. Do not say that being rejected makes you a less person, instead it make you a whole person and gives you lessons to learn in life. And sooner you will realize you will grow and that you will become a better person who can face any challenges without fear and turning back.
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@Edricj (98)
• Nigeria
26 Feb 07
I like your piece of advice. The worse that could ever happen to anyone suffering rejection or discrimination is to bring down his or her self esteem. No matter what keep your head up and keep seeing yourself as the great person you are already.