What do you think why person is getting obsessed with someone???????

February 26, 2007 7:34am CST
Do you have any reason why some people is getting obsessed with someone??? where in to the point comes that this person is become the reason to destroyed another individual ... I don't know why these people existing in this world they do not know that their creating some disasters to the another people here... Guys have you been experiencing in your relationship that someones bothering both of you because he/she is obsessed to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Like what happen here in the philippines showbizness ...where in the popular actress her name is kris aquino she's already married with the popular basketball player here in our country kris quino is so happy with her family and also to his husband.. So shes not expected someones happen that one day this cheap girl comes out and have an interview and and insisting that she and the husband of kris aquino james yap had their relationship for 11 months to the fact that james and kris got married that time ... .... I know guys that you know what im talking about here .. My point of view why this person named Hope need to to do this stuff..why what is the reason for this???? You know guys this gurl is beautiful and i know that she can find his perfect match .. but again shes still insisting her self to the person that doesnt liked her .. i need your opinions in this topics... cos it happens... and this is the reality .. okey .. love yu all ...
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