daytrips are so disappointing nowadays

cup-o-latte - In a harsh world,you can always get a latte somewhere:)
United States
February 26, 2007 9:57am CST
Yesterday, I went on a daytrip to Phoenix to go to the flea market....Simple right? NOPE Not only is there no flea market where it once was;it's now a bunch of stores instead; we couldn't see it from the freeway,because it's being built like California,where you can't see for crap from the freeway for the walls & manmade hills. So we decided to go down to Mill Ave. It WAS a nice walk of stores and gelato/latte shops;stuff like that. Now it's mainly bars/clubs and their are tons of beggars{yeah,it ruins the day,especially when they're not in need,but just begging for booze}Gave up & went to Wal mart...Sad isn't it? I guess we should've just gone to the mall instead.
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