February 26, 2007 10:22am CST
I believe today, with the muslim situation, and the number of signs of fanatism we see here and there, mankind is facing the oldest and better disguised menace: Extremism, no matter the creed, is the principle we must be against, and in that sense of thinking, tolerance would display his real sense. I explain myself with an example. You know extreme communists raped and killed nuns and monks from every religion they tried to beat. They put reliquaries in their mouths and so, i don't think i need to be more explicit. Every fanatic from every church in every Age did the opposite: Catholics against Protestants, Protestants against catholics, catholics against communists, communists against budists, muslims against communists, etc, etc. Nazism was a fanatic branch to attack in first place Jewish, but we know the "evil", as i say, could be any target, and after the Jewish would follow anyone. Talibans destroying Buddist statues, Hugo Chavez saying Bush is the devil, Bush saying Bin Laden or Hussein or any other target are the "evil", witches from the past transformed into Saints in the present because of hidden interests from the highest spheres in the Churches, fueling vengeance (by principle a fanatic feeling) in the crowds. One thing is Religion, something completely different is fanatism or extremism, and, oddly enough, we see attacks against religions like if beeing religious would be equal to fanatic. That is precisely fanatic in my view, because, there is a lot, and I mean a lot you can learn and reveal to yourself through Chistianism or Budism or any other system. Because good Religion means be deeper and greater in soul, and in that order, by the way, art and science are always attached to The Spirit or The Grace. The point is, if you have a believing system, no matter if is an Ancient Religion, a Humanistic creed, a scientific principle, you are in many ways a believer, therefore, "religious". And that has nothing to do with fanatism, because you can be fanatic even if you are atheist. They're scientists that behave like fanatics, because they have the thuth, and religions are old and decadent or what ever... and this is endless, terrible and sad.
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