October 15, 2006 2:06am CST
i just want to ask alot of people if them had a previous knowledge about what happend to me.did if there is a relation ship between me & someone& he appear that he love me for 3 years during our studing.we are at the same collage when i send to him some message with some ungentele words in spite of am was soooo nervous. it gives to him the way to leave me forever& not accept any forgivness from me .am stilled say to him am so sorry for one month& not accepted this from me.& is he right in that desecion?
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@majorsree (575)
• India
25 Oct 06
keep ur cool mate!!!!!!1every thing will be getting into nice shape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
@dellion (6706)
• Malaysia
25 Oct 06
As I se on your descriptions it seem that this guy didn't give any chance for your explainations and no matters you are right or wrong as a guy he should been more gentlement to at least give some chances for explainations. If thats really like what you told over here I don't this guy worth you to further worry as you can imagine even he accept it this time and am sure there will another mistakes might be happend and you will facing the same problems.......