What do you do if an unknown number appears while calling on your cellphone?

strangers on the phones - On today's high-technologies, strangers can be able to get hold of you through your phone or cell phones. Beware!
February 26, 2007 11:10am CST
I have experienced this several times already. There are cases when this happens, I answer the call or won't answer the call at all. The reasons why sometimes I get to answer these calls are first, who knows it's an emergency call. Or maybe it's just a friend of mine who has a new number or maybe who knows it's just a really important call. Sometimes, I don't answer these calls if I'm not on the mood or there is something or someone that I am avoiding and there's a possibility that he or she will use another number just to get hold of me. Do you think anwering this kind of phone call is a must? What do you usually do? Answer them sometimes, put it on your voicemail, or not answer at all?
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• Philippines
26 Feb 07
I usually answer calls that get into my phone though I know my girlfriend would somehow freak out if she sees some unknown numbers on my call logs... well, I would dare take the risk of taking these calls because who would know if these calls are really important, probably they are your friends who are in dire need of some help, or they are your long lost friends who just got your number from somebody and wanted to reach out and break the communication barriers you once had, or it could be that some people close to you has just gotten a new phone number.
• Philippines
26 Feb 07
It's just fine with me to answer these calls. Even if I have a private number, it doesn't matter. Besides, I have not experienced unknown numbers calling to be a really stranger to me. Sometimes, it's just an old friend of mine who wants to touch base with me.
@hezoid (2147)
28 Feb 07
I usually answer, but i have had a phone stalker in the past, some weirdo kid with too much time and phone credit on his hands, so i'm reluctant, but i know some people like to withold their number so i tend to answer just in case. I can always hang up and switch my phone up!
@JuliaPan (564)
• Canada
27 Feb 07
I always try to answer all calls. Because who knows, may be it's my friend calling from some other cell? But if I didn't manage to answer a call from an unknown number, I don't call back. If someone seeks for me, he will surely call me again.