Do I have legal rights here? Should I pursue them??

@racheld (840)
United States
February 26, 2007 11:36am CST
Back in August my boyfriend and I moved in to a condo together. Since then our electricity has gone out twice, our heater motor has blown and a leaky pipe was discovered. The pipe had been leaking for months and we discovered it by water leaking into the guy below us. A friend, who is a contractor, came over immediately, found the problem and fixed it. After it was fixed I had a 5ft x 5ft hole in my living room floor and three holes in my wall. I had the condo president come over to survey the damage and she insisted that her maintenance man, who was coming back from vacation in two weeks, due the rest. I agreed, but only because I was planning a trip to Florida that week and I didn't want him there when I wasn't. After a month, the drywall is finally fixed, the baseboard is put in, but we still need new carpet. I have been calling and calling our President and she is not returning my calls. Do I have legal rights here?? Should I be threatening her with pressing these issues?? I mean, I shouldn't have to pay for any of this seeing as the leaky pipe was not my fault and it is considered the Condo's responsibiity. So, its only right they pay for the carpet that was damaged as well, right??
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@Deacon87 (169)
• Sweden
26 Feb 07
Absolutely! you shouldn't pay for that, the president is probably not returning your calls because they know it's them who should pay for everything, I think you should confront them or ask a lawyer, but i'm pretty sure you have right to some money!