What else can we do to make this world a better place to live in?

chaotic world - What else can we do to make this world a better place to live in? Chaos are rampant, wars between countries is still happening. What else can we do?
February 26, 2007 11:44am CST
Look at the world today. Are you happy with what you see? This living place is dying now. There is war all over the races, people are starving to death. There are a lot of victims and the oppressed. Where is freedom and justice? Can you hear their cries? Can you hear their pain when all that we have given is hatred selfishness and shame. And i pray that all the nations come as one. Together let's heal this broken land. We are brothers and sisters. The future of tomorrow lies on us. Give a loving touch of our hands to comfort the needy and the wounded soul. This is actually a song written about what is really happening to this world. It's written by my good friend. WHen I listened to it, it had really inspired me a lot. Very wonderful music indeed. Well, I know you can't hear it at mylot. lol . What do you think of the lyrics? What's your opinion about the world? What else can we do about it?
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@mnflower (1301)
• United States
26 Feb 07
we can get rid of the people that are in office right now and replace them all with democrats who will fight for our rights back and quit worrying about filling there pockets. people need to quit thinking money is the answer to everything and remember the little things before we had all this money to play with...let us correct our kids the way we see fit without hurting them and teach them respect unstead of letting them run over us like they have the right too now...alot can be done but we need to resort back to the way it was 20 some years ago.
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• Philippines
26 Feb 07
Nice lyrics. But you could have started your discussion under music. lol. It's still ok. With your question, I think that if we really want to do something in this world, everything should begin from ourselves. If ourself has the urge to do better things in this world, we can do it. When all of us do this hand in hand, we can make it. BUt it's just so impossible that everyone will contribute for the betterment of the world. As it had been in the lyrics, there are greedy ones, selfish ones that all they are thinking are just about themselves no matter what could happen around the world. Remember, we can start making things anew by starting it by ourselves even in our own little ways.