Gods ! are they really present!!!

February 26, 2007 6:01pm CST
hi friends!! this topic may seem quite astonishing to some who believe god and to others who donot. FOR BELIEVERS: WE knowingly or unknowingly place ourselves in the hands of a supreme power whom we belive to exist and therby we make certain idols and worship them.we do this bcoz many of our heartly wishes have come true by worshipping god. BUT HEARTLY WISHES COMES TRUE!ONCE U START THINK UR WISH HEARTLY AND TRULY WITHOUT THE REFERRAL OF ANY SUPREME POWER CAN OBVIOUSLY REAP OFF UR WISHES AND THEY WILL BE MANIFESTED. THIS IS A FACT .U CAN TRY IT!! SO GODS DONOT EXIST FORNONBELIVERS;;;;;;;;; THERE IS NOTHING FOR NON-BELIEVERS BECAUSE THEY R THEMSELVES AN EXAMPLE OF THE ABOVE DISCUSSED THING!!!!!!! HENCE FROM BOTH OF THOSE EVIDENCES WE CONCLUDE THAT THERE IS NO KIND OF ANY EXISTENCE CALLED 'GOD' AND ALL THIS IS SELF-REALISED POWER.
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