peer pressure

February 26, 2007 8:16pm CST
I know the older ones don't have this problem, but us younger people do. Do you deal with peer pressure?
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@Autisteek (326)
• Philippines
27 Feb 07
When I was in high school I cannot remember that I have been troubled by peer pressure. I was a quiet girl in the calss, quite different sice I really do not try to blend in the crowd and i was happy in my own world, knowing that I complete myself. I have lots of friends but whey they do something that I do not agree with, I don't get bothered because I know that even if I cannot follow their standards, I am still myself. I think it is all about identity, how you look at yourself and how you value yourself. since they are too young to understand things by themselves, to weak to try out what's in the real bad world, they become suckers for the "sense of belongingness" in a peer group ( to make oneself a bigger self by joining a group)... I think these did it... knowing yourself, your capapcity and limits, raising your self-esteem, knowing how to think critically, when and why you should follow your peer, and standing with your decisions (of whether giving in to them or not) with conviction can shield you from peer pressure...