February 26, 2007 9:05pm CST
kikyou ,with only one arrow ,you sealed 50 years' affetion.Wandering around the world with your soul half jailed ,you're finding last purple love. The hell send a mail to the heave for you,maybe about many years way or a moment ,but you may never get it because your address is in the world ,There's no longing vow ,if so,it's just a split second ,Stencil beauty can't see the rough road ,also can't hear someone were crying :"what's your affection?Why ?When will you end your lingering?" You're broken mystery side ,only a drop of love .you had no companion ,just wander around the world ,no way to follow ,no place to bury last intention, "I want freedom;I prefer loneliness indeed to hairspring love ,as been blank to words." Transmigrating of the world has no absoluteness ,and some left was definitely the best ,It looks sad ,but a eternal memory,Flaking cherry are listening someone's tears ,Who're living ate not ones who redeems ,while who're dead need no brace ,Wabdering,forgetting ,reminding ,where to go ,where to be back ,There're no words made up in your blank herat Being silent is also language ,but it's not known by heart....still chasing the front,walked through hope way,In this word,are you living soul or dead body?Human is something fantastic ,sometime the defective can make perfect .but perfect can't live defectively,Your living ,are the defective perfect,or perfect defective.
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