Need help on how to tell my boss that i am resigning..

February 26, 2007 10:00pm CST
I got accepted at a new job yesterday!! Although the salary is lower than what i am earning now, but it's going to be a more challenging work and promises more opportunities than my current job. I should be happy but right now, my problem is how to tell my current boss that i am resigning already. See, i have been working here for just 6 months but my boss is really very nice to me. He has always been good to us and he even gave me a cake for my birthday yesterday. The problem is he doesnt know that i was applying for another job and if i leave,there would be no one who is going to take my place yet. Although i have asked the new company that i will only be available to start with them after 30 days, i know that i should tell my boss as early as now that i am going to quit already so he will have more time to plan and adjust. But, i just cant seem to find the proper time and way on how to approach this matter to him. Help please!!
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@flitcsa (47)
• Canada
27 Feb 07
Congratulations on your new job! I think that your best bet is to be straight with your boss... give your notice, offer to help choose/train our replacement, and let him know that it's not anything personal - you've enjoyed working there but you've opted to go for the new job because of the new challenges it offers. Good luck! I hope he accepts it well.
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• Philippines
27 Feb 07
thanks! my boss is a good man and i know he'll accept it well but that's what makes it harder for me. I feel guilty to leave after all the good things that he has done to me..
@clownfish (3277)
• United States
27 Feb 07
Hi! In my experience, I have found that it's better to not burn bridges. Leaving on good terms in the best thing to do. When you tell your boss, don't "put down" the job you have now by telling him about the negatives, accentuate the positives of what you're doing. Tell him that the new job will help advance your career and that you will become a more skilled employee because of it, etc. Also, make sure you stress that you have enjoyed working for your current boss and company and that you are sad to leave, etc. I hope this helps! :-)
@unisis (1674)
• Indonesia
27 Feb 07
Congratulation to you that you have a new job although the salary is lower than now maybe you have thought that for the future it will be better than now,so you need to tell your current boss clearly as soon as possible,and he will look for the replacement sooner,please do not hesitate to tell your boss that you have got a new job.