Waking at the wrong side of the Bed

February 26, 2007 11:34pm CST
I just woke up this morning having a heavy heart. I easily got irritated and whenever an issue comes up, it seems like it was always the last straw. Have you experienced this? Share it with me.
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@lynninky (491)
• United States
27 Feb 07
i have awoken to find myself in very bad moods.very snappy with everyone and i had no clue why. i was told it am be a dream that i had but never remebered,i could have slept in wrong position so it has made me feel bad.maybe you wanted something simple to happen and it didn't. no enough sleep will also make you this way. i got up the other morning and it seemed like i disliked myself because i had to go for the morning bathroom call.i was telling myself come on you can hold it then when i had to go.i was telling myself you are getting old..i showered, whent to the kitchen to make some eggs and bacon.just getting the skillet from the same place it always is.made me feel like saying i quit..then it seemed i could not do anything right.i broke a glass,then dumped a plate full of food in the floor on the way to the table...it my family spoke to me like saying hi, i said okay..i did not want to leave to house but i had too.things was the same on the outside until around two .then thngs started to lighten up. it was like i was in someone elses body who have a bad life..i hope we never have any more of those.